Officers of Royal Arch Chapter No. 173

CHAPTER           MARK
Excellent King   Ex. Comp T. Boyd   V.W.M.
High Priest     Comp I. Shannon   S.W.
Chief Scribe     Comp R. Somerville   J.W.
Treasurer   Ex. Comp J.K. Prime    
Registrar M. Ex. Comp R.M. Cupples   Sec.
Director Of Ceremonies V. Ex. Comp W.R. Cherry    
Almoner V. Ex. Comp J.Robinson    
Chaplin V. Ex. Comp Canon G.N. Little   Chaplain
Captain of the Host   Ex. Comp D. Martin   M.O.
Superintendant of the Tabernacle   Ex. Comp T. Anderson    
Royal Arch Captain   Ex. Comp W. Rooney   S.O.
Captain of the Scarlet Veil   Ex. Comp W. Copeland   J.O.
Captain of the Purple Veil     Comp J. McKinstry   S.D.
Captain of the Blue Veil   Ex. Comp M. Laverty   J.D.
Janitor     Comp K. Murray   I.G.
Organist   Ex. Comp B. Moore    
Representative to the B.O.G.P. M. Ex. Comp R.M. Cupples    
Representative to the Insp. Comm. M. Ex. Comp R.M. Cupples    
Representatives to the Charity Committee   Ex. Comp G. Anketell    
  Ex. Comp J.S. Robinson