Grand and District Honours of Chapter 173

  Name   Rank   Year
V. Ex.Comp. Samuel C. Cupples   District Grand Captain Blue Veil   1910
V. Ex.Comp. Robert C. Cupples   District Grand Janitor   1956
M. Ex.Comp. Robert J. Walker   District Grand King   1973-1976
V. Ex.Comp. E. Griffith Wylie   District Grand Janitor   1988
V. Ex.Comp. Canon G.N. Little   Grand Chaplain   1990
R. Ex.Comp. Robert S.R. Snowden   District Grand High Priest   2002
V. Ex.Comp. W. Robert Cherry   District Grand Steward   2004
V. Ex.Comp. James. R. Robinson   District Grand Almoner   2009
V. Ex.Comp. Robert M. Cupples   Grand Sword Bearer   2011
V. Ex.Comp. Albert Rooney   Honorary District Grand Captain Purple Veil 2013
M. Ex.Comp. Albert Rooney   Grand Foreign Rep - New York   2014
M. Ex.Comp. Robert M. Cupples   Grand Foreign Rep - Belgium   2015