What is the Royal Arch?

This is a question many Master Masons ponder and some even ask out loud.

A short answer. It is the sequel and completion of the legendary story of Craft Masonry.

This, however, is not enough to satisfy the eager questing Master Mason's legitimate desire for knowledge on the subject and he is entitled to know why he should consider becoming a Royal Arch Mason.
Actuated by a desire to help such Brethren, here now is the fuller information sought and needed.

Every serious Master Mason aspires to attain the summit of Ancient Craft Masonry, but there comes a time to every deep-thinking Brother when he realises he has not reached finality in one important respect - that he is not yet in possession of the ultimate information -- and he is likely to feel some disappointment at the inconclusive finale that left him with but a substitute for it

What he does not realise is that the key to his aspiration is near at hand in the Royal Arch Degree. This has a very dramatic action in an historical setting; also, a reverential moral significance. It is the sequel and the completion of the Degree of Master Mason; the unfold ing into a second volume of the story of that which was lost to its final recovery.